Ottavia is an Italian photographer, who was born in the Principality of Monaco in 1992. This 2km square sovereign-state was her home until she turned 20, and moved abroad to study photography and work.
Because of growing up in the second smallest country in the world, she developed a deep interest in traveling and documenting the world.
She graduated from Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris in 2014, and from the International Center of Photography, in New York, in 2016.
Her interest in documenting Human Rights and the Environment pushed her to travel and base herself in Asia, where she worked for several media outlets covering news and documenting places such as Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, China, etc.
Her work has been published in different newspapers and magazines and exhibited in New York and Paris.

She is represented by the Italian photography agency LUZ.

She has been to more than 45 countries and speaks five languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish and Mandarin (HSK3).


Spéos Photographic Institute, 2014.
National Geographic Photography Expedition Workshop, 2014.
Eyes In Progress, 2015.
International Center of Photography, 2016
Eddie Adams Workshop, 2016.